The Perfect Event Solution for Corporate Events

Your corporate events team doesn’t need a lot of tools to run a successful business conference.
Sell tickets, manage your attendee data and keep everything organized from one central event platform.

Lead your Events Team to Create Better Attendee Experiences

CrowdCore helps your team organize your events with ease, managing everything from ticket sales, promotions and attendee engagement.

Event Management

Manage your event from the CrowdCore Ticketing Platform + CRM for full visibility of key metrics and complete control of your event data.

Event Marketing

Streamline your company brand and connect with the right people online via our website, SEO and social media tools.

Attendee Engagement

Engage your attendees across the board using our free dedicated event app.

Sell Tickets Online

Use our feature-packed event ticketing platform to sell tickets to your event through your online channels. Learn more: Link to sell tickets home page.

Collect Attendee Data

When your attendees purchase tickets, their information is automatically recorded in the CrowdCore CRM.

Upgrade Your Brand

We re-designing and optimize your venue or event website to ensure that it’s mobile-friendly and SEO optimized so you can maximize your exposure to the right audience for every event.

Secure Sponsors

Use attendee data collected via the CrowdCore CRM to find out more about your target audience to secure the perfect sponsors for every event.

Give Attendees a Seamless Experience

With CrowdCore’s multi-functional and customizable event app , you can create a seamless event experience for your attendees, sponsors, and vendors.

Make your next event a success.

You can start selling tickets and growing your brand the easy way.
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